Python binaries for PC platforms

All running on various types of IBM PC compatibles under DOS, Windows
3.1(1) or OS/2.  Notice: this stuff is old.  More recent binaries for
DOS and Windows are found in ../wpy/ and ../pythonwin/.

You also need ../src/lib1.2.tar.gz and probably something from

	OS/2			OS/2 binary of Python 1.2
README.os2			info about the OS/2 binary

	DOS		Python 1.2 for DOS (Borland C++ 3.1)
README.dos			Its readme file			Stuff to build Python 1.2 with Borland C++ 3.1
README.dosbuild			Its readme file

	Old DOS files

(In case the 1.2 DOS binaries don't work for you.)			32-bit DOS executable, for 386/486 (1.1.1)
16python.exe.gz			DOS executable (1.0.1)

	Old Windows files

(You're probably better off with ../nt/, which is Python 1.2)

qwpython.exe.gz			Windows 3.1(1) executable (1.0.1)